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This blog has been sitting in limbo since November! I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted to have the perfect website design and at least half a dozen well-written posts ready to go and in the queue ready to post automatically for a couple of weeks, so that if I got busy, there would still be posts going up. I wanted to have the right mix of inspirational posts, product recommendations, book reviews, and personal stories to share. I wanted perfect photos to go with each post. I got so bogged down in trying to make this blog perfect that it perfectly paralyzed me!

I woke up today and said, I’m going to publish my new blog today. It’s not perfect, but as Joel Salatin says, “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing imperfectly at first.” I’m always saying that to people who talk about getting goats or moving to the country or starting an urban homestead or anything new. Just get started! So, I’m following my own advice today and getting started!

It’s ironic that I’ve had such a hard time getting started with this blog when part of my message is that you just need to get started improving your health as soon as possible. Tomorrow you’ll wish you had started today. When it comes to improving your health, you can’t spend time wishing things were different or telling yourself that you could do it, if only ….

I used to think that I’d weigh less if only I had better knees and could exercise more. But thinking like that only gave me an excuse for not actually changing what was within my power to change. By wishing things were different, you will only delay actually getting started on changing your reality.

It should go without saying, but don’t waste time and demoralize yourself by thinking, “If only I’d started working on ______ sooner!” As Arthur Ashe says, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

So, this is it! There are still some things about the site that are imperfect, but as they say in the construction business, “Pardon our dust!” We are working on it and hope to have the site looking great in no time. And knowing that the world knows this blog exists now, I’m committed to actually cleaning things up. It’s like cleaning your house when you know company is coming. So, welcome to my imperfect, messy blog!

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